Given by Cynthia Wilkins
Annual Church Business Meeting
April 27, 2014

I am changing the rhythm of the heart, and the pure in heart will see God. I am gathering you into a new place with me. You will have a new heart, a new beat, and new provision. Provision will come with each step. Come out of the old. Come out of the past, and come out of the past season. Come out of your own past. Do you hear the sound? Respond to me and take up my Kingdom purpose for you and for this house. Speak what you see and hear with no extra. Some things are deeply entrenched, and they take warfare to break through. There is a battle in the soul realm to move into the new, and the power of the five fold is needed. Pass over to the new; hear me! There is a new sound and a new call. Set your heart to see the coming of my kingdom in the earth, for I am doing it. It will come in my way, and in my timing all over the earth. I am releasing the power to overcome - the past is over and gone. Do not go back to it! Let the hurt, the emotions, and all of the losses go. Do not fear! Do not complain! I am bringing both my power and my provision to my people. The new is better and I am bringing redemption over the past. So look to me. See me moving and know that I love you. I am coming, and I can and will bless you in ways that you have not seen. The latter house will be greater if you yield to my ways. Do not fear. The shaking that is coming in the earth will make you strong. I will be with you and I can protect you. Yield to me, to my ways, to my coming, to my truth, and to my power. Press in to me! Spend time with me. Be intimate with me, for I am calling you to come with me to see my love, to see my power released to you. Set your heart to follow me, to obey me, and to see into the heavenlies as I bring it before you. Amen.