You're welcome here.

Joining a local church is a critical decision for those who are choosing to live as New Testament believers, "being fitly joined together in the body."  (Ephesians 4:16)

Membership criteria includes:

  • You must have committed your life to Christ
  • You must have been faithful in church attendance for at least three (3) months
  • You must be willing to contribute regularly to the financial support of the Assembly
  • You must schedule a meeting with a Pastor
  • You must attend a New Member Class 

We offer a New Member class 3-4 times per year.   The class 
is only for one Sunday from 9:00-10:15 am, and meets in room BSM-229.  Check the events page for the next New Member class.

This class offers a broad range of information about Bethesda.  Those attending will get an overview of our church vision, history, doctrine, leadership, governmental structure, ministry opportunities, and much more.  We strive to make clear what we expect from our members and what our members can expect from the church. 

We offer a plan for all members to have spiritually healthy development through Worshipping, Connecting, and Serving.

  • WORSHIP // The church body comes together on a regular basis to bring worship to our Lord Jesus Christ in a group setting.

  • CONNECT // Each member of the church family engages in one of our many Connect Groups to create healthy relationships with other believers.

  • SERVE // For a church to be healthy, it requires each member of the church family finding a place of service in the church which not only is a benefit to the church at large, but is a vital function for the spiritual well-being of those who serve.

You have found a great place in Bethesda!   It is full of solid, stable, Godly believers in the journey of faith; people with "their feet on the ground and their heart toward the Lord."