We are dedicated to educating, equipping, and empowering young leaders as they pursue God's calling.

Bethesda School of Ministry bridges the gap between traditional education and day one of vocational ministry. Our students spend time working with staff members - essentially becoming staff members themselves - to learn the applicable, practical, and crucial skills needed for day-to-day ministry. Whether performing weddings or writing a budget, writing musical arrangements or dealing with "people issues," our students leave our program fully equipped to jump into vocational ministry. 

Have you ever had the thought, “there is something more that God has for me to do?” Or perhaps, “now that I am finished with school, what is next?” It is increasingly evident that we are living in a dynamic moment and that the Holy Spirit is drawing men and women into His service. Bethesda School of Ministry was birthed for such a time as this. A time when the hearts of Jesus followers are being stirred with desire to serve Jesus in traditional and even “not so traditional” ways.

Our 12 month school has five possible tracks of emphasis: Pastoral, Worship, Education, Missions, and Spiritual Formation.

PASTORAL TRACK With the pastoral track, we will “pull back the curtains” and give you an opportunity to see and experience what it looks like to pastor through the various rhythms of the annual church calendar. Weekly you will be given opportunities to do the stuff of ministry: sermon prep and delivery, evangelistic outreach, elder care, hospital visits, pastoral counseling, conflict resolution just to list a few.


WORSHIP TRACK With the worship track, you will be given practical knowledge and skills that will allow you to serve a church as worship pastor. Vocal arranging, preparing charts, running a rehearsal, scheduling volunteers and planning special services are just a few of the things you will learn about.


EDUCATION TRACK With the education track, you will have the opportunity to look inside a well established Christian Child Development Center and K-12 School. Depending on your goals and interests, you can be introduced to Early Childhood education, High School education, Curriculum Development, and learn from master teachers.


MISSION TRACK The missions track has two venues: Long term missions and Crusades. Bryan Webb has been on the mission field for more than 25 years, he and his family are life time missionaries and he is working with us to get you prepared for a 10-12 week trip to Vanuatu. This is an outstanding opportunity for anyone considering missions as their life calling. The other venue, evangelistic crusades, will give you an opportunity to learn about missions, evangelism, putting a trip together, working with the local churches and sharing the Gospel of Jesus with integrity. Light of Life International conducts a number of crusades in Central America each year. Part of your training will be for you to participate in at least one of those crusades.


SPIRITUAL FORMATION TRACK This track is designed for that person who knows that the Lord is calling them to ministry, but not in the traditional way. They may be called write, intercede, grow in personal Bible Study as well as serve in Community positions – and a host of other things, so the Spiritual Formation track has been developed. Obviously there will be overlap in most (if not all) of these tracks – but each track will have specific portions that will help the resident to get to where God is taking them.