About the Des Evans Library

Having pastored the congregation of Bethesda for 34 years, we have thousands of cassette tapes and CDs that contain Pastor Des' Sunday morning and Sunday evening sermons, as well as Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening teachings. We are in the process of digitizing those to make available on the Des Evans Library.  New series are being added regularly, and we invite you to check out this free resource.




About Des

A life lived in obedience to the Spirit of God will often appear as though the person just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  Such appears to be the case with Desmond T. Evans (Des).

Many years ago Dr. Willard Cantelon said of Des, that he was either one of the luckiest guys in the world, or…

He just happened to be in Caesarea Mediterranean when the "Pilate Stone" was found.  

He just happened to have an audience with King Hussein of Jordan and the gun-toting Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus while in Caesarea.

He just happened to return to Wales in time to meet a beautiful young lady, Mary, who later became his wife of over 46 years.

He just happened to be a victim of the Communist rebellion in Indonesia.

He just happened to be with a group who had an audience with Pope John Paul II, where Des found himself telling the Pope, “I am praying for you, sir.”  The Pope replied, “you need me to pray for you.”  For some unknown reason Des replied, “I am praying for your safety, sir.”  Three days later the Pope was shot while traversing St. Peter Square.

He just happened to be in San Jose where he met with Big John Hall who was looking for someone to fill the pulpit at Old Northside Assembly of God (which later became Bethesda Community Church).

He just happened to be at a dig at Qumran in Cave 11 when a vase of Shemen Afarsimon (precious ointment from Psalm 133) was discovered.

He just happened to be at the same site a couple of years later, and while digging in the cave of The Column, a sizeable quantity of substance was found that was part ingredient to the fragrance.

"He just happened to be..." seems to be the story of his life. But rather than being called lucky, Des would prefer to use the saying of Pastor Al Roever who simply says, "I am not lucky; I am just blessed and highly favored."