Young Families & Singles

We are a diverse group of upper 20’s trough 40’s. Yet, we all share a common need to WORSHIP, CONNECT and SERVE. If the Lord has drawn you to Bethesda, I encourage you to quickly find ways to velcro yourself to the church. Here are a few suggestions:


#1.  Attend the Sunday morning WORSHIP service each week. 
#2. Attend the Sunday evening prayer service at least once a month. 
#3. Meet up at the next YF&S event. (Game nights, dinners, Texas Ranger games, a float trip, etc.)
#4. Join a CONNECT group. It might be at the church or in someone’s home. 
#5. Find a place to SERVE. It’s good to give back!


There’s a place for you here at Bethesda, and I hope to see you thrive.  Let me know if I can be of any help. 

Many Blessings!

 Pastor Josh