20/30s (Young Singles & Marrieds)

20/30’s is for young and youngish adults: both single and married. Obviously we are a diverse group, and yet we are more alike than different.  We all share, among other things, the need to worship, connect and serve.  We recommend you do these three things to help you connect with other 20/30 somethings at Bethesda. Are there additional ways to connect? Of course! But these will get you started.

#1: Corporate Worship and Prayer every Sunday.
10:30 AM Worship & 6:00 PM Prayer

 #2: Join a Connect Group, a bible study, and/or begin to serve.

#3: Attend the 20/30 events as often as possible.

2017 20/30 Events
March 25-All Family Serve (10am)
April 30-All Church Picnic
June 10-Night of Worship & Potato Bar (5-7pm)
July 22-White's Branch Splash Park (10am-1pm)
September 23-Game Night (5-7pm)
October 31-Trunk or Treat (6:30-8:30pm)
November 11-Progressive Dinner (4-8pm)
December 16-Christmas Shopping (4-8pm)

Please bring cash for events if possible. Childcare available and kids will be fed.